Monday, April 29, 2013

W is for Wisconsin

Some sites to tempt our friends for a visit!

Door County
Cherries and apples and goats, oh my!


Framed by 300 miles of scenic shoreline, Door County offers seaside experiences in the heart of the Midwest. A sliver of land that juts into Lake Michigan, Door County’s quaint waterfront villages and island community combine with an incredible natural landscape to provide visitors with activities and amenities you’d expect to find in this world-class vacation destination. Five state parks, 11 lighthouses, 19 county parks and a total of 53 Lake Michigan beaches offer plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities while acclaimed performing and visual arts, renowned galleries and shops, delectable local cuisine and pampering accommodations take care of the rest.

Cana Island Lighthouse

Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant & Butik

Yes, those are goats that graze on the sod roof of the restaurant.

The many Summerfest events (Irish Fest )have a lot to offer, but the sites are beautiful, too.
We loved our visit to the Milwaukee Art Museum at the  Quadracci Pavilion.

Love, love, love the Wisconsin Maritime Museum.

Lake Michigan
Lakefront beach fun!

Local Sites and Events
Tons of fun just a short drive from our house/guest cottage....


 Eau Claire Dells


Poniatowski- the center of the Northern half of the Western Hemisphere- fun and quirky!!
Zack's Canoe Tours
Breathtaking!  Look out for Bald Eagles and Cranes.
Chalk Fest

Balloon Rally and Glow

Fresh Cheese Curds from the Wisconsin Dairy State Cheese Co 

Dear Friends:
Come visit Wisconsin!!



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  1. I think that I would like to go on a canoe tour. That Zack looks like a nice guy.