Tuesday, April 16, 2013

N is for Nonsense

Nonsense: craziness, ridiculousness.

One of the words that has been swirling around my brain since hearing about the explosions at the Boston Marathon.
Along with Prayer, Sorrow,Why.....
Prayers to Boston.

Synonyms: absurdity, babble, balderdash, baloney, bananas, bombast, bull, bunk, claptrap, drivel, fatuity, flightiness, folly, foolishness, fun, gibberish, giddiness, hogwash, hooey, hot air, imprudence, inanity, irrationality, jazz, jest, jive, joke, ludicrousness, madness, mumbo jumbo, palaver, poppycock, prattle, pretense, ranting, rashness, rot, rubbish, scrawl, scribble, senselessness, silliness, soft soap, stupidity, thoughtlessness, trash, tripe

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