Thursday, April 25, 2013

V is for Vintage

Vintage :
  • a period of origin or manufacture
  • a collection of contemporaneous* and similar persons or things
    • *existing, occurring, or originating during the same time

I think "vintage" is a fun word.  It has replaced the word antique. That would make antique antiquated (hee hee).
I also like the word vintage because it gives  value to the things I love.

Vintage bowls.  There has been a lot of collections of Pyrex.  Mostly Pyrex with color.  I have a couple of those pieces.  What I love is the white Fire King bowls.  They just seem so clean and fresh.  Vintage cooking accessories. A sifter, a glass measuring jar, melon baller. Things that were found in my Grandmother's kitchen.

Vintage glassware.  Bowls, pitchers, refrigerator containers, candy jars, storage jars.  My Mom has always used these beautiful things.

And my dirty little secret.....
Vintage sewing supplies.  Ribbon, zippers, bindings, thread.....and my buttons.  I have a lot of buttons.  Most of them are still on their original cards.  They are beautiful!!


  1. Stopping by for AtoZ. I do love vintage things. There's something so classy about them.

    1. Yes, exactly. I think it is because they are just timeless.

  2. Vintage is kind of like old school. New word, old idea.

    Of course, the majority of my knitting tools are "vintage". (Read: inherited from great-grandmother.)

  3. Love the images. I'm not really into Pyrex, but I love mixing modern with a little vintage in creative ways. :)

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