Monday, April 22, 2013

S is for Sughroue

The Sughroue Cousins picnic is a gathering of the ancestors of Barbara and Edward Sughroue.  My Mom's paternal Grandparents.

Edward Sughroue was born February 14,1871 to Timothy Sughroue and Alice Doran in Riddot, Illinois.  Barbara Margaret Tines was born October 28th 1875 to John Tines and Anna Karp in Winfield, Illinois.  
Barbara moved to Red Willow County in 1886 at the age of 11.  Edward moved to Red Willow County in Nebraska in the fall of 1892 at the age of 21.  I love the story that Great-Grandpa Edward was a handsome school teacher and Barbara, who was the bell of the county only had eyes for him.  She said that her silent prayer was that their cattle would stray off to his place so they could become acquainted and that they must have listened because that is where she found them.
Barbara and Edward were married May 1 1895 in Indianola, NE.
They had 11 children.  One child died in infancy. 


This is the Sughroue kids at Tim and Alice's 50th Wedding Anniversary.  My handsome Grandfather is on the far left with my beautiful Grandmother, Esther by his side.

The Sughroue Picnic was started by those 10 children of Barbara and Edward.  It happens in Indianola on the 3rd weekend in August every year.  It is hosted by the surviving families of the children.  It is a wonderful day of family and laughter.  It is where we love and hug each other.  We are known as "kissing cousins" because we aren't afraid to show our affection for one another. 
We start the weekend with pizza at the Rocket on Friday night. 

The Old Settlers parade and festivities on Saturday.  My immediate family sneaks over to Mac's Drive-In in nearby McCook where my Dad grew up. 
Then we will wonder over the sandpits....just past the corner of Blarney and Snicklefritz.  For a paddle boat ride.            
The last picnic that I was able to attend was in 2011. 
It was especially wonderful as it was the last one I was able to attend with my brother who died the next summer.

He gave my kids a wonderful trip through his favorite places and spaces he visited with our Grandpa.  He passed down to them some wonderful memories.

We will be there this year.  Continuing to build memories, remember past picnics and kissing lots of cousins!!





  1. Wow, how cool! I'm a little envious of large extended families. And family reunions. My family is so small and spread out.

  2. How great! I especially love that old photo!

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  3. Aloha from Hawaii...I am an Edward Sughroue descendant also. My grandmother was Alice (Sughroue) Thomas...and she is featured in the photo that you have above. I have attended several of the Sughroue reunions...but our family is so far away from Nebraska that it is very difficult to attend...although I recall one year our family hosted it and it had a Hawaiian theme. (I remember meeting your grandmother Esther when I was young) My father is Robert Thomas(he has passed away)and our family moved to Hawaii in 1959 and most of us have been here ever since (I have 2 brothers and 7 sisters). I always enjoyed visiting my Grandmother there in quiet and peaceful. Anyway Aloha from our family to yours. (Mary Thomas)