Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I am I

I am wife
  • I am companion
I am mother
  • I am blessed
I am daughter
  • I am beneficiary
I am sister
  • I am kindred
I am aunt
  • I am prosperous
I am niece
  • I am felicitous
I am cousin
  • I am clan
I am friend
  • I am ally
I am nurse
  • I am custodian
I am malleable
  • I am complaisant
I am headstrong
  • I am fervent
I am capricious
  • I am impassioned
I am joy
  • I am solace
I am human
  • I am alive


  1. I like this! Well done. Where in central Wisconsin do you live? I have recently (November 2012)made a move very similar to yours: from Las Vegas to northern Wisconsin.

  2. Thanks! We are in the Wausau area.
    We love it here, would love it more if we could get spring going and do some gardening!!