Tuesday, April 2, 2013

B is for Black Purl

As I mentioned yesterday my LYS (local yarn store) is the Black Purl.

My first experience in the Black Purl came after a patient gave the RN's in our clinic a cerificate to go there to learn to knit socks.  Several of us were always oohing and ahhing over her projects and professing "we could never do that"....she told us we could and gave us the opportunity to do so.  I knit my first pair of socks, a self pattening German sock yarn that made me look like a proficient knitter.  I continued to knit little projects - more socks, hats, slippers. Then the patient that gave me the nudge to knit died.  It was such a loss and I really took it hard.  Carolie had really touched my life.
I walked back into the Black Purl compelled to knit something pretty with a sublime yarn in her honor.  I did (Saroyan shawl) and it was (70 % Merino Wool 30 % Silk).  Now I knit a lot of pretty things and use a lot of amazing yarn.  Call it a fixation, obsession, dependence......I call it therapy.  My therapist comes in many colors.  It is made of wool, cotton, silk, alpaca, or even cashmere.  It challenges me, frustrates me and ultimately makes me accomplish things I wasn't sure I could.




  1. I've never crocheted socks...it's on my list of things to do, however.

  2. A co-worker was a sock knitting expert. She recently moved from California to Idaho - I will miss her sock stories.

    Popped in from AtoZ.


  3. How very sweet! Wish I could knit. I can embroider, crochet, and I also have made more than fifty quilts, and more are in the works. I guess we are just never satisfied with the skills we have, are we? Thanks for your neat post. Best regards to you. Ruby.

  4. How sweet of your patient to give you a gift like that. She gave you more than just a certificate.

    I remember when you finished those socks. They are beautiful. One of these days I will finish my first pair of socks and maybe I'll even finish my Saroyan.