Monday, April 15, 2013

M is for Mama-razzi

My hubby and children have nicknamed me the *Mama-razzi*.  Like paparazzi, but I'm a Mama....

When I am taking photos, I tend to take a lot of photos.  I know that I can delete the bad ones and I would hate to miss that perfect photo.  I stand on things or on tiptoe, I sit or lay on the ground if needed.  Sometimes I get the tripod out and set it to take 10 photos consecutively- again and again.

Capturing moments and people was not something I came up with in my family.  My Grandpa took videos and had hundreds of slides organized by date/event.  My Dad followed right along.  We have boxes of photos and now he has a harddrive full.  I remember being *thrilled* as teenager when Dad had the video camera out on Christmas Eve with the blinding video light.  But I have always loved looking at old photos and recordings.  It is a window to  see things that happened before I was born or could remember.  Events that I experienced that would have otherwise been forgotten.

Great- Great and even Great-Great-Great Grandparents have a face.  I don't have to imagine how my parents looked growing up.  I would never believe that my older siblings were cute and loveable kids if it wasn't for the photographic evidence.  I would never know that my whole family went on vacation without me when I was a baby ( I got to stay with the Grandparents)- without the evidence I would have nothing to fuel my anguish ;).

There comes a time when photos are all you have left of people.  Knowing how much this means to me, I will continue recording everything that I can.  I fully expect one or all of my children to do the same.  Fo now, I will accept the title and responsible of being the Mama-razzi.


  1. lol - what a great title :)
    It's taken me a while to get back to you but have enjoed catching up on some of your posts.


  2. fun title! Just popping in from the a-z. I love taking pics too, but half of what I get aren't that great. :-) My son and his wife are in the process of moving from AZ (tempe) to Virginia. They, too, will have to readjust to cold and snow and - yes! autumn. I'm in FL so I miss all that. :-) Visit me, if you'd like: from The Dugout

  3. And now that you have your new camera you can take even more pictures. What you need to get is a remote. Do you have one of those? Super awesome to be able to include yourself in the photo.

    My Mom has tons of photos that she took when I was younger and tons even before my time. I love looking at them. It's weird though, the older we get, the less pictures she takes. I honestly don't think she has taken a picture in years. My Dad seems to be the picture taker now. Who knows, maybe he has been the picture taker all along and I just didn't know it was him.

    1. I don't have a remote. I will have to find one!