Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for Carolie's Kids

Carolie's Kids

As I mentioned yesterday, Carolie gave me the nudge I needed to start knitting.  After she died her coworkers created a unique memorial.  They set up a fund to help teach youngsters how to knit.  They collaborated with Beth at the Black Purl and Carolie's Kids was born.

The first Carolie's Kids event took place in October of 2012.  I got a flyer with the information and signed up my daughter and her bestie.  On arrival to the event, they picked up a bag of goodies that included yarn and knitting needles.  They took a seat and then an adult volunteer came around and worked with about 3-4 kids, getting them started and providing instruction.  The event lasted 2 hours.  There were about 65 kids present.

I am anxious for the 2nd annual Carolie's Kids event.  This year I will get to help at the event.  Beth is hoping to accomodate 100 kids this year.  I am anxious to be a part of something so wonderful and that Carolie's love of knitting will be passed on year after year to children in our community.


  1. What a great way to remember someone. How exciting that you will get to be part of the event this year. Did Em enjoy learning to knit?

    1. She did! She even joined Ravelry!