Wednesday, April 2, 2014


When my brother, Russ, died he left behind a bevy of cards, letters and writings.  It was enlightening (some of it more enlightenment than I needed) and his personal writings showed me things I did not know we had in common.  It was an unexpected gift.
As Spring cleaning has commenced in our house I once again find myself sorting through cabinets and drawers.  This last weekend I came upon this nugget from my brother.  As I reread this I am so grateful to have his written words~ handwritten on a half sheet of paper ~ from a moment of personal clarity. 


A belief I learned this weekend-
that the earth will continue to exist.  The loss of our perception of the earth is what we most fear. Is it worth the while to prevent the destruction (or change) of the planet.  Our existence is so tiny that it is immeasurable over the full course of time.  Our minds cannot conceive of the full greatness of our existance (sic) let alone the existance (sic) of timeless features i.e. the planets, stars, sun.  The void of understanding is filled with love and God.  God is love.  Love is God.

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  1. I am sorry about your brother but glad you have found God's love great to connect and follow
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