Monday, May 13, 2013


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Issue a public apology.....

It isn't hard to figure out who to apologize to.  What is hard is finding the words to accurately convey my feelings.

My apology is to my friend, Christy
There was a specific time in her life that she needed my support more than ever.
And I failed her.
I let opportunities slip by that could have opened the door and provide support.  This was fueled by shame and regret.  I was afraid that in failing Christy when she needed me most, she would not accept my support.  I let our geographic distance serve as an excuse.  "If I can't be there physically, what else can I do"?
Then Christy's life was dealt a heartbreaking blow.
I was not going to fail her again.  I shoved my way in.  Amazingly, Christy let me in, without hesitation.  It was a humbling situation.  Despite the hurt I had caused, she still loved me.
I thank God for the resilience of Christy.  I have never met anyone like her, ever.  She is insightful.  She is compassionate.  She is selfless.  She has never done something with any expectation of a return benefit, she just does for others.

I'm sorry Christy.  You have forgiven me easier than I have forgiven myself.  I love you dearly.  Our geographic span makes me miss you terribly.  As you face yet another struggle in your life, I will not fail you.  I will be here everyday.   I will try to give back to you ~ all that you have given me and more (you have set an awfully high bar!).


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